There is only 13 miles of Route 66 in Kansas, so I stopped in the last of the three towns on the road; Baxter Springs.  I wanted to stay at The Little Brick Inn, which is situated above the famous Café On the Route.  This café is located in what was once a bank that Jesse James robbed in 1876.

Dylan was singing, “Baby, Please Stop Crying” from Street Legal, the last album before his infamous Christian period.  I would have to suffer through that tomorrow.

The owner of the 66 Drive-Inn told me to get there about a quarter to seven for the eight o’clock show and it would take me about half an hour to get there so I needed to leave soon.  I decided that I would get breakfast at the Café On the Route in the morning and eat dinner at the drive-inn.

I made it there in almost exactly half an hour and pulled the car off the road onto the grass shoulder to get in line.  It already stretched up and over the hill, so I couldn’t even see the entrance, but I felt confident about getting in.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera back at the hotel.

At about seven thirty, the line began to move and we all rolled in, one car at a time, paying the five bucks per person at the gate.  I got a space about halfway back, next to a couple of minivans that were already surrounded by families stretching out their deck chairs and popping the coolers.  I was definitely out of place here.  Who the hell goes to a drive-inn by themselves?  A tourist from D.C., that’s who.  Oh, well, as the sun went down, the screen went blank and then the Marvel Comics logo came up and X-Men was on. 

It was pretty good; entertaining, but not a whole lot different from the other X-Men films.  There was a fifteen minute break where people went to get more hot dogs and drinks.  I had an extra large Mountain Dew already and the hot dogs were nothing special so I just got out and walked around a bit.  It was mostly either teenagers making out in their trucks and SUVs (nobody actually drives cars in these parts) or big families (in number and size).

After the break, the Pixar logo came up on the screen and Cars began.  I really liked it, even though it was full of clichés.  Those Pixar guys just can’t make bad movies.  And it was great to hear these animated cars talking about Old Route 66: The Mother Road, having spent the last couple of days driving on it.

Cars ended around 1am and then I drove back into Kansas and Baxter Springs and fell asleep pretty quickly.


Day 6

I woke up and got all my stuff into OGB before going into Café On the Route, where the breakfast is included with the room.  It was strange eating at a diner in a former bank; the ceilings extended about twenty feet about my head, and the doors leading to the kitchen looked like where the vault would have been.  I just had some scrambled eggs and bacon and some coffee; nothing too crazy here.  But it was good, since I didn't have a paper to read, I just imagined Jesse James and his gang crashing through the front doors of the bank, guns in hand, and shouting, "This is a hold-up!"  It was pretty cool.  Unfortunately, I it was so cool that I forgot to take a picture.