Writing of Steel

Excerpts From a Novel in Progress

The following are excerpts from an as-yet-untitled novel in progress about a young poet who drops out of college to pursue a life of art and literature, whilst chasing after the memories of an ex-girlfriend.  The first draft I wrote was an abbreviated draft/outline comprising about 70 pages.  I was rewriting and expanding the second draft when I realized that I really needed to completely start over to give better cohesion to the story and a more solid arc to the characters.  So the third draft was begun in February 2007, and I'm about 30 pages into it; about halfway through Chapter 5.  My latest outline comprises 43 chapters of varying lengths.  Many of the excerpts from the first draft were written as exercises for several classes I took at UC Davis Extension with Sands Hall.  I will replace the second and first draft chapters here with the third draft as they are written.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 5 (excerpt)


Chapter 6
Chapter 10 (excerpt)
Chapter 12 (excerpt)
Chapter 13 (excerpt)
Chapter 14
Chapter 17 (excerpt)
Chapter 19 (excerpt)
Chapter 20 (excerpt)
Chapter 21 (excerpt)
Chapter 22 (excerpt)
Chapter 25 (excerpt)
Chapter 36 (excerpt)